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Alpine Cabana Storage Shed

Customize Your Shed
Smartside Siding

Smartside Siding

Strongback Nailer

Strongback Nailer

52" Double Doors

52" Double Doors

Heavy Duty Hinges

30" Single Door

30" Single Door

6" Heavy-duty T-hinges with bushings

Wood Trim

24" x 47" Window
w/ Trim

Air Vents

Air Vents

Barn Warranty


Standard Features

  • Available in Deluxe or Supreme
  • 6' 6" Sidewall on 10' and 12' wide buildings
  • 7' Sidewall on 8' wide buildings
  • 3 Pitch roof
  • 2x6" rafters
  • Enclosed soffits
  • Frieze board
  • Metal roof
  • 16" front overhang with rough sewn rafters
  • Strongback Nailer
  • Primed Smartside Siding
  • 2x4" wall framing
  • 2x4" single top-plate
  • 6" Fascia trim
  • Air vents
  • 52" double doors with USA made lockset
  • 30" single door with USA made lockset
  • 2-24" x 47" windows with trim

Available Sizes

Optional Standard Certainteed Shingle Colors

Dimensional: Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna

Dimensional: Pewter


Dimensional: Moire Black

Moire Black

Dimensional: Heather Blend

Heather Blend

Dimensional: Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood

Dimensional: Hunter Green

Hunter Green

Optional Metal Roof Colors

Metal: Black


Metal: Charcoal


Metal: Bright Red

Bright Red

Metal: Gallery Blue

Gallery Blue

Metal: Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic

Metal:  Rustic Red

Rustic Red

Metal: Hawaiian Blue

Hawaiian Blue

Metal: Light Gray

Light Gray

Metal: Galvalume


Metal: Brown


Metal: Green


Metal: Clay


Metal: Bright White

Bright White

Metal: Light Stone

Light Stone

Metal: Burgundy


Metal: Tan


Wooden Doors

Plain Door

Plain Door

Plain Door

Decorative Hinges

Transom Door

Transom Door

Entrance Doors

Steel Door 9-Lite

Entrance door w/glass

Steel Door 6-Panel

Entrance door 6 panel

Triple Layer Door System

Storage shed Triple Layer Door System

Window Sizes

Aluminum Window: 18in x 27in

18" x 27"

Aluminum Window: 24in x 27in

24" x 27"

Aluminum Window: 24in x 36in

24" x 36"

Vinyl Window: 24in x 36in

24" x 36"

Aluminum Window: 30in x 36in

30" x 36"

Vinyl Window: 36in x 40in

36" x 40"

Window Styles

Window Trim

Window with Trim

Wood Shutters

Wooden Shutters

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl Shutters

Flower Box

Wooden "Z" Shutters w/ vinyl Flower Box

Vinyl Shutter & Flowerbox Colors

Customize Your Structure

Would you like to know what one of our structures looks like in a different color? Or with a different roof? What about a striking accent color? Well, now you can! Take a look at our visualizer function that takes our different structures and allows you to chose materials and colors of your choice to see what it would look like. Then, when you’ve got it looking just like you want it, you can submit it for a no pressure quote from us.

Customize Your Shed